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Food and Beverages Sector

We have been extensively involved in drafting agreements and regulatory advisory in the food and beverages sector. Our experience in this sector includes but is not limited to: 

  • Routinely reviewing and drafting lease agreements for F&B retail sector.

  • Drafting terms of service and privacy policy for online F&B platforms and SaaS products. 

  • Drafting supplier agreements for raw materials/ingredients for food manufacturers. 

  • Drafting warehousing agreements. 

  • Drafting equipment leasing agreements for manufacturers of F&B equipment.  

  • Drafting/Reviewing agreements with online aggregators. 

  • Drafting notices and replies to notices from regulatory authorities. 

  • Drafting legal notices. 

Information Technology

We assist many startups in the IT sector in their daily operational legal needs . We have also assisted early stage IT startups in drafting their templates and data privacy policies. Our experience includes: 

  • Drafting/Reviewing Software Licensing Agreements. 

  • Drafting/Reviewing EULAs. 

  • Drafting/Reviewing System Integrator Agreements. 

  • Advising on IP and regulatory concerns. 

  • Drafting/Reviewing Master Services Agreements, SOWs and Vendor Agreements. 

  • Drafting/Reviewing NDAs.

  • Drafting Distributor and Channel Partner Agreements. 

  • Drafting technical outsourcing and secondment agreements. 

  • Drafting software development agreements. 

  • Drafting software maintenance and support agreements/AMC Agreements. 

 Fintech Sector

We routinely advise startups on the contractual and regulatory aspects involved in the Fintech sector. Our experience includes: 

  • Serving as an external legal counsel to a financial wellness platform. 

  • Reviewing Agreements for a digital lending platform. 

  • Reviewing Agreements with NBFCs. 

  • Drafting terms and conditions for NFT Platforms. 

  • Reviewing Bitcoin sale and purchase Agreement. 

  • Regulatory advisory on the best jurisdiction for crypto companies. 

  • Drafting terms and conditions for payment wallets. 

  • Drafting terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimers for online cryptocurrency exchange. 

  • Drafting Anti-Money Laundering and data privacy policies. 

Education Sector

We have advised various EdTech startups and even established educational institutions on their contractual and regulatory concerns. Our experience includes: 

  • Drafting terms and conditions and privacy policy for online EdTech Platforms. 

  • Drafting collaboration agreements. 

  • Drafting privacy policies for children-related platforms. 

Other Sectors

We cater to a diverse range of sectors. We have assisted startups in various sectors, with their regulatory, compliance and contractual needs. Our experience includes:

  • EV Sector: We are the sole legal counsel to an EV charging solutions company and assist them in covering their contractual and regulatory risks. 

  • Health Sector: Assisted in drafting terms of use and privacy policy for a health wellness platform. Assisted in the drafting of agreements for a publicly traded Life Sciences Company. 

  • E-Commerce: We have helped in drafting of terms and conditions, privacy policies and vendor agreements of various e-commerce platforms including startups creating super-apps.

  • Entertainment: We have drafted copyright assignment agreements, production services agreements, agreements with artists and other such IP concerns related agreements for many early stage startups. We have also advised on the regulatory aspects of intellectual property in the entertainment sector. 

  • Fitness Equipment: We assisted a funded startup in drafting EULAs, terms and conditions and privacy policy for their smart fitness equipment.

  • Advertising: We have assisted various digital marketing agencies in drafting their terms and conditions and privacy policies.  

  • E-warehousing and logistics: We provided warehousing templates, terms and conditions and logistics agreements to an early stage e-warehousing startup. 

  • Child-care: We drafted a privacy policy and reviewed customer agreements for an online child-care platform.

Startup Fundraising Documentation

We routinely draft and review term sheets, investor agreements, shareholder agreements, ESOP plans and other fundraising documentation. We have drafted the following agreements for various early-stage startups: 

  • Co-Founders Agreement. 

  • Investment Agreement. 

  • LLP Agreement

  • Operating Agreement for a SPV LLC in the USA.

  • Term sheet. 

  • Shareholders' Agreement.

  • Advised on the type of entity to be set up. 

  • ESOP policy. 

  • Equity sharing agreements.

  • Structuring funding by way of a loan agreement. 

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